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My Psychotherapy Offering

Addressing your mental health needs, emotional dysregulation, or trauma can be daunting. Committing yourself to the journey of transformation, self-discovery, and improvement takes courage. Building the resiliency to face your challenging dynamics whatever they might be, is one of my fundamental specialties. The importance in this specialty, is that adaptation to supporting you through your journey is necessary for finding what is your authentic therapeutic need. That is why my passion involves offering psychotherapy and mental health counselling to people from any culture or identity; through a multitude of theories, modalities, and approaches that suit my strengths of what I am best able to authentically offer you.  

There are so many different needs and experiences that define who you are as an individual. My approach to psychotherapy is to help you discover your own path of self-empowerment. To support you having your own needs met. What you value is intrinsic to you. What your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual needs might be, may be greatly different from someone else. Feeling validated and accepting our needs, initially may not feel natural for everyone.

My intention is to facilitate inspiration and transformation in  relation to your therapeutic goals. I recognize that reaching out for help can be a challenge. I have witnessed profound suffering and struggle, and how these experiences can be isolating or life altering. I understand how essential a functional foundation of beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours are for taking care of ourselves and for self-improvement.  

Psychotherapy Specialties, Modalities, and Fees

Psychotherapy Specialties:

  • Anxiety, Social Anxiety, or Anxiety Disorders

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • ADHD Support

  • Burnout

  • Life Transitions

  • Mindfulness and Meditative Cognitive Practices

  • Grief

  • New or Expecting Parent Support

Treatment Modalities: 

  • ACT

  • CBT

  • DBT

  • Attachment Focused Therapy

  • MBCT

  • Existential

  • Person-Centered Therapy

  • Narrative Therapy



  • $140 per 1 hour session + HST

  • Limited sliding scale availability, please direct message for details.

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