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About Me

My name is Andrew Dreosto. I am a Registered Psychotherapist with a Master's of Arts in Counselling Psychology. I have been operating a counselling business since 2020. I am a new dad, and my background before this work was in corporate recruiting, sales, and insurance. 


My journey that has led me to psychotherapy has involved burnout, grief, powerful self-reflection, and constantly building my self-awareness. It involved some considerable risk taking on the path to physical, mental, and emotional wellness. As a recent new Dad and someone who’s navigated a number of major life transitions, I recognize the need for deep unconditional compassionate therapy. I make a daily effort to be transparent and balance how I want to continue showing up for my clients, to manifest a positive trusting therapeutic relationship. I have learned that challenging ourselves in a respectful capacity is necessary for finding our greater potential, and I do my best to ensure I take this approach with every client. 

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My Commitment

I care greatly about helping you navigate life’s ups and downs with a sense of support and connection. We may give up so much by doing what we were told was the right thing, that we deny our fundamental human rights and needs. Programming of what we are led to believe is a good family member, worker, partner, friend, or person, may be part of the reason you feel stuck.  I consistently work towards creating a collaborative environment with you that includes respect, deep listening, unconditional empathetic connection, and growth, to help you discover your way forward. 


There are so many different needs and experiences that define who you are as an individual. My approach to psychotherapy is to help you discover your own path of self-empowerment. To support you having your own needs met. What you value is intrinsic to you. What your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual needs might be, may be greatly different from someone else. Feeling validated and accepting our needs, initially may not feel natural for everyone.

My intention is to facilitate inspiration and transformation in  relation to your therapeutic goals. I recognize that reaching out for help can be a challenge. I have witnessed profound suffering and struggle, and how these experiences can be isolating or life altering. I understand how essential a functional foundation of beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours are for taking care of ourselves and for self-improvement.  

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