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If you are on the journey of increasing your overall wellbeing or discovering your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, I am here for you. The journey in psychotherapy is unique for everyone, but it often revolves around cultivating mindfulness, whole self-awareness, living with intention, and committed action. It is knowing the difference between simply finding your path, and living in line with your authentic needs and values.

It's About What You Need.

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, lost, or overwhelmed? Psychotherapy can be helpful whether it’s a big life changing transition, or the day to day balance of all the parts of your life, there can come a time when it feels difficult to manage it all. Finding out more about your needs, what you value, how to better support yourself, how to better express yourself when communicating with others, and discovering what help you need, are strategies that may help you find your path forward. Regardless of the reason, I’m glad you found your way here to connect and express what you need authentically.

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